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Economic Calendar

Trader data and news

Here you find a calendar with the most important economic data, news and their date and time of release.
The calendar automatically shows the current date but you may also insert later dates via the menu.

Here you find the economic calendar …



Financial statement deadlines

As a stock trader one should always know the financial statement deadlines for the companies in question. Besides the publication days you find here the predictions for future publications as well.
Always shown is the current date but you may also insert later dates via the menu.

Here you find the financial statement dates free of charge …



Earnings Calendar
Tradingview Futures Charts

Futures Charts und Quotes

Here you find a survey of all popular Futures contracts. Catch a quick survey of actual charts, get real quotes or generate detailed analyses.
Included are US and European indices and bonds, metals, currencies, energy, softs and grains.

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Stock Charts

Stock traders are also cared for. Choose yourself which stock you want to analyze. On my website I have provided the best free of charge online analyzer tool for you.
Have a good time with analyzing.

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Stock Charts Tradingview


Purchasable Trading Tools:



DC TradeLog Monitor

DC TradeControl

The DC TradeControl offers the possibility to catch every detail of your executed trades for the record. It shows an always actual survey of the total of the trading performance as well as of a single trading month, trading week or trading day, of important key figures about your trading performance and much more.
Additionally a complete risk-management tool is implemented as well, that helps you to trade the correct position size in every trade.

Here you find a complete description of the DC TradeControl…

AgenaTrader trading software

The AgenaTrader trading software is one of the most progressive and reliable trading softwares you could purchase. The sheer number of brokers you could connect to to the AgenaTrader speaks for itself. 
One of the big advantages iof this software is that you could trade stocks, CFDs, forex markets and even Futures all with one plafttform. You could also trade at different brokers at the same time!

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AgenaTrader COT Institutional AddOn

With the COT Institutional AddOn, AgenaTrader offers by far the most extensive processing of Commitments of Traders. It has never been so easy to generate individual indicators using the COT data.
Both the “original” legacy and the “new” disaggregated version of the Commitments of Traders published since 2009 are processed. Many meaningful and powerful indicators and conditions are already included in COT Institutional AddOn, so you can work directly with this data in a very professional way.

Here you find more information about the COT Institutional AddOn…

AgenaTrader Seasonality Standard AddOn

Seasonality plays an important and impactful role which influences the markets. Determining market seasonality has never been this easy. AgenaTrader Seasonality AddOn puts a chart’s seasonal tendencies at your fingertips.

  • Seasonality Standard Indicator
  • Seasonality Prediction Indicator
  • Instrument Strength Indicator

Here you find more information about the Seasonality Standard AddOn…

NinjaTrader Website
NinjaTrader Website

COT MasterClass AddOn

The COT MasterClass AddOn is the latest development of DaytradingCoach Martin Goersch. The AddOn not only includes his most successful strategies, but also includes individual indicators and workspaces for trading with the Commitments of Traders data as well as for classic trend trading.

Here you can find more information about the COT MasterClass AddOn …

NinjaTrader trading software

NinjaTrader is a trading platform which is specialized on trading Futures und Forex. Simple and well-arranged, but nevertheless equipped with abundant functions.
Additionally all NinjaTrader customers can use the comprehensive NinjaTrader EcoSystem

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NinjaTrader Website

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