TRADER COACHING – The key to success

Wether in top-class sport, at studies, in trade, in fine arts or in medical science – nowhere is success possible without teacher, instructor, trainer or mentor!

Why should it be different just at the markets?

But exactly that this is possible is the opinion of the majority of private traders who start a trading account and trade all over the place with the objective of quickly generating a big fortune out of small money. The fact that 95 percent of them fail is not due to the evil genius of the market, it is rather a logical consequence from the wrong approach.

A successful career in the financial markets essentially consists of four elements:

  1. A sound fundamental education
  2. A successful trading system
  3. Mental power and severe discipline
  4. Experience!

With the first three of those four elements a coaching will save you not only time but a lot of money as well.

Mistakes in the markets are virtually always expensive! And the bigger part of “typical” mistakes at the beginning of a career as trader can be avoided with the assistance of sound coaching.

Do not join those who failed. Be one step ahead by taking from the very start a mentor with profound experience in the markets. Do not wait until your first small trading account will be empty! Think ahead and mark the beginning of your road to the profession of a trader with a well-founded instruction.


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1. BASICS – A sound fundamental education

You should not start trading with a live account without basic knowledge.

And basic knowledge in the field of trading consists of …

… understanding the functionality of the different investment instruments and of the markets,
… finding a broker who is particularly suitable for your requirements,
… selecting a proper transaction system,
… choosing a good chart program.

  • How should your work station look like?
  • Which requirements have to be fulfilled for a successful trading?
  • What kind of hardware and of software is necessary?
  • Is the high priced trading computer compulsory or is a simple notebook sufficient?
  • Do you really need six or more screens or can you concentrate on the essential with just two screens?
  • How should your routine of the day as trader look like?
  • Is there an emergency plan?

To all of these questions you will get a qualified answer from me.

Furthermore you should know the important trading hours of the different markets, you should know at which exchanges to trade, how much money you move with an order and last but not least which trading instruments are the right ones for your specific purpose.

With the multitude of possibilities it is easy to lose one’s way and start a trade with an unsuitable instrument.

In a final step you should master perfectly the handling of the trading platform which I have chosen for you in order to avoid unnecessary losses induced by a faulty insertion.

Build a secure basis on which you can establish a successful career as trader. Take care that the first market storm does not destroy your house of cards. Act now and start your route into the future as a trader.

2. A successful trading system

How does a successful trading system look like? It’s very simple: It offers a positive expected value. This does not only sound simple – it is simple. However the way to develop such a system is not so easy!

First of all you have to decide: do you intend to trade fully automated– that means to program fixed systems by which the signals will then be transacted by the computer without hesitation? In that case you cannot count on me. In my opinion these fully automated systems take the major advantage from us, namely our abilities for learning and adaptation!

When you decide upon an individual trading then there are various items which have to be considered in the development of a system:

  • How much time do you have for trading?
  • How large is your trading account?
  • How willing are you to take a risk?
  • Which is your target on the rate of return?
  • Do you prefer high-frequency trading or rather well-considered decisions on a higher time level?
  • Do you want to scalp or daytrade or do you feel better with long-term position or swing trading?

You need an airtight money management in order to prevent a complete loss of your capital in extreme situations. You need a sophisticated risk management to generate a high performance with relatively small draw-downs. You have to master the art of managing the magnitude of positions to set off the turbo of your performance!

All of that and much more form a successful trading system. Let us build your personal trading system together which then is specifically tailored to suit your requirements.

3. Mental power and absolute discipline

Unfortunately a good trading system is not sufficient for financial success in the markets. In the course of time you will realize that you yourself are standing in your own light.

The best trading system doesn’t pay if you yourself – also in particularly hard times – do not act according to that system. And, believe me, that is much more difficult than one imagines.

Everybody who has already engaged himself in the markets will certainly know the most simple and plain principle for acting in the financial markets: “Let your profits grow and limit your losses.” This most simple basic principle of all – which really is crucial for an exceptional performance –is simultaneously the most difficult one to obey.

However there are tricks and dodges which make it easy for us to stick to our basic rules. We have to know in advance which series of losses lie in the normal range in order not to lose control in phases of loss or – once again – simply change the system! We have to control ourselves by means of recording all our transactions in detail, by reviewing them and by a permanent control of our own actions!

Let me show you how to avoid the perils of self-doubt, how to beat your fear of losses and how to keep your greed under control.

  • too long hesitation with order entry
  • too tight stops
  • too fast liquidation of small profits
  • overhasty acting
  • overtrading
  • not being able to stick to one’s own rules
  • loss of motivation
  • inner blockade to go short
  • too slow decisions
  • too large single losses

All these are problems and barriers we can overcome together!

Give a chance to yourself and to your trading system. You do already have a trading system of your own? I shall check it for consistency and together we can start to work on your mental weakness…

4. Experience 

But at last here is the bad news: Gaining experience in the markets you have to gather yourself. No coach and no mentor can spare you from that task.

But I can take you into a position to be able to collect this experience which is essential for survival and without which your account will certainly be lost.

Learn from your successes and from your mistakes. Even after your training let a coach accompany you and benefit from the possibility to share, discuss and evaluate your interim results with him. Never stop learning!

When you have the declared intention to earn your income by trading and when you have a superior capability to suffer and when you possess the willingness to learn for that dream, then you have very good preconditions for joining the family of real traders!

I shall help you in that process!


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