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AgenaTrader is a detailed and feature-filled platform for traders of any account size.
All of the DaytradingCoach traders are using AgenaTrader Andromeda Version.

A plattform for professional traders!


AgenaTrader in der Basic Variante - ideal für Trading Einsteiger


Explore AgenaTrader Basic

AgenaTrader is probably the most detailed and feature-filled platform for professional and private traders.

With features like trading directly from the chart or the DOM, integrated stock screeners and realtime market scanners, AgenaTrader aims not only to save valuable time for traders but also help traders to improve their trading results.

AgenaTrader provides all the necessary functionality for various trading styles and trading strategies.

Below you find just some of the available trading tools offered by AgenaTrader Basic:

  • Multi-brokerage and multi-datafeed
  • New charting concepts with instrument lists with up to 3.000 instruments 
  • Advanced chart trading 
  • Connect your orders with OCO, If-done and ORO orders 
  • Create your own order-templates 
  • Basic Scanner
  • Easy configurable multi work space management
  • Market-Replay Manager
  • Forex Pad
  • Trading Centre with Order Manager, Position Manager, Trade Manager, and Account Manager!

Please note that the features presented here only represent a small part of AgenaTrader – there is much more to discover! 



AgenaTrader Basic – Highlights


Multi Workspace


Use different workspaces at the same time

AgenaTrader offers you the opprtunity to use different workspaces already in the Basic version. Feel free to save as many workspaces as you need and trade different trading-systems with one platform.



AgenaScript ist eine eigene Programmiersprache des AgenaTrader

AgenaScript is a programming language integrated into AgenaTrader. The syntax of AgenaScript is derived from  C#. On top of this, Microsoft Visual Studio is fully integrated into our trading platform.

Basic Scanner 

Schon in der Basis Version bietet AgenaTrader einen Scanner

The Basic Scanner is part of the List Chart Group chart container and can display self-programmed or importedd conditions in multiple timeframes. Signals that are found are displayed in green for long entries and red for short entries. 

Advanced DOM 

Der AgenaTrader DOM bietet vielfältige Second Level Orderbuch Funktionen

The DOM (depth of the market) allows you a glimpse into the order books of the markets. It consists of a times & sales list, histogram, QuickTrader and more. DOM is perfect for scalping the markets.

Advanced Charting

AgenaTrader bietet zahlreiche Charting Funktionen

Creating a simple trading strategy with an entry order, stop order and target orders could not be easier. With a few clicks these orders can be combined or linked to each other as OCO, ORO od if-done order.


AgenaTrader bietet 170 Indikatoren

With more than 170 indicators as well as the option to import or create your own, every trader will find the perfect indicators for his or her individual trading style. Whatever type of indicator you favor, AgenaTrader provides it.


AgenaTrader ActionBar lässt sich perfekt auf Ihre individuellen Bedürfnisse anpassen

Every trader has his or her own way of trading and using trading tools. Add your indicators, timeframes, order templates, drawing objects and more to your individually configurable ActionBar.

Instrument Import

AgenaTrader importiert automatisch eine Vielzahl voreingestellter Instrumente

Instead of manually adding instrument data to a form, AgenaTrader has thousands of pre-mapped markets for many brokers and datafeeds that you can easily import with just a few clicks.

AgenaTrader in der Andromeda Variante - für professionelles Trading

Explore AgenaTrader Andromeda

AgenaTrader Andromeda supports all features of AgenaTrader Basic and comes with all extended features for semi- / fully automated trading, as well as the famous AgenaTrader++ functions and advanced screening.

Andromeda version supports those traders who use a diversified trading approach, or who would like to be able to select their trades from a large market range.

Use the realtime screener to receive entry signals and decide according to visual criteria whether you would like to trade the given signal or wait for the next one.

This prevents the trader from feeling the urge to be constantly active and therefore from trading bad signals.

Below you find just some of the trading tools available within AgenaTrader Andromeda: 

  • Use the AnalyzerEscort to receive all your different signals for multiple time frames combined in one column!
  • With just a few clicks of the mouse, link signals to trade setups and integrate them into the semi-automated strategy!
  • Just concentrate on the quality of your entry setups – the automatic Trade Management takes care of everything else.
  • Program even the most complicated signals (AND, OR, XOR) simply using mouse clicks and without any programming skills!

Please note that the features presented here only represent a small part of AgenaTrader – there is much more to discover!


AgenaTrader Andromeda – Highlights



AgenaTrader++ ermöglicht eine Halbautomatik für jeden Trading Stil

AgenaTrader++ (PlusPlus) includes semi-automatic setup and trade management components, integrated risk and money management with automatic order sizing, the signal scanner and a wide range of functions required by traders to become and remain successful.

ListChart Groups

AgenaTrader ListChart Gruppen geben perfekten Überblick über die Märkte

The ListChart Group is a chart container that includes a realtime scanner and a charting pad. This makes it easy to connect a scanner to the ListChart Group and monitor hundreds of instruments at the same time.  

Advanced Scanner

AgenaTrader Andromeda bietet eine stark erweiterte Scanner Funktion

The Analyzer Escort is a scanner that searches for signals for hundreds of instruments simultaneously.

Once signals that have occurred meet the requirements of predefined parameters within the Setup Escort, the Analyzer Escort will display them in the corresponding column.

Risk and Moneymanagement

AgenaTrader bietet sehr vielfältige Risiko- und Moneymanagement Möglichkeiten

Risk and money management ensures that the risk as well as allocated resources are controlled in each trade you open. Our integrated component also automatically calculates your order size according to your risk criteria.

Futures, options, forex and CFD trading contains substantial risk and is not for every investor. An investor could potentially lose all or more than the initial investment. Risk capital is money that can be lost without jeopardizing ones financial security or life style. Only risk capital should be used for trading and only those with sufficient risk capital should consider trading.
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